Zoom Escaper creates annoying background noise in the popular Zoom video telephony program. So if you don’t feel like a zoom call anymore, you’ve got a reason to leave it. You can choose from a range of sound effects such as a crying baby, which are likely to drive the conversation partner crazy.

Annoying interruptions to the home office are often easy to imagine. If you want to take advantage of it, Zoom Escaper is a suitable tool, as The Verge writes. The associated VB-Cable audio plug-in is available on the official website. It fades into annoying noises like an echo, an unhappy baby, and a crying man in Zoom meetings. The hope is that the interlocutors will ask the user of the nervous tool to leave the video chat. Or that he has an excuse to do it himself.

Why is there a man crying?

Verge editor Chaim Gartenberg tried out the sound effects. Mostly, the bad connection, the crying baby and the echo sound compelling to him and can make sense in the context. Construction sounds should sound realistic, but why should you have a video chat in the middle of a construction site? They would have to be dampened a bit to look like a construction site outside the window. A crying man raises the question of who this man is and why he is crying. The dog barking outside is not necessarily something to be taken care of.

Invent a baby to escape Zoom calls?

Then there would be wind noise, but why would there be strong wind in the home office? After all, urinating is supposed to look very artificial, and you don’t know why you should leave a meeting for that reason. In the case of the crying child, you should have a baby yourself – and if so, he could cry without pretense. Or you make up the existence of a baby to escape boring zoom meetings. “Then you can have bigger problems with work than a few boring video meetings,” as The Verge writes.

If you want to try Zoom Escaper once, you can find the tool on the official website. The correct audio settings, which are described there, must be observed.

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