Zoe Dimitrakou was invited to “DOT” on Saturday, where she talked about her marriage to Thanasis Polychronopoulos, but also why she kept him hidden from the limelight.

“The wedding took place after Just The Two Of Us we had said that on that date we would get married I had nothing to prepare. Connecting two people with the bonds of marriage is very personal to each other, it is an important day for these two “ said Zoe Dimitrakou and continued ” We took pictures with our mobile phones, we did not have a photographer and we had 3-4 people invited, while we had a civil wedding. I do not like this moment to give it to others, I want it to stay with me and him “My parents did not come, they were in Thessaloniki, they were on facetime. My parents can not complain, they both got married in Germany, with a couple who married them”

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