The summer holidays, even for those who choose September, are over and every cheater is back on his bench – an expression we are sure you hear on the ship, on the train or in the car as you return to everyday life. So we return to the city and the office relaxed and refreshed, ready to create and continue our work from where we left off. The presenters return to the television sets with us, who will keep us company this season. As we have said in the past, their appearances fill us with inspiration for our own, while at the same time they inform us about the trends and the arrivals of fashion brands. Looking for ideas and suggestions for our next autumn sets, we singled out those of Zeta Makripoulia.

The actress and presenter of the successful show “Rouk Zouk” premiered just last week on Ant1 TV and has already filled our social media feed with her outfits, curated by stylist Christos Alexandropoulos. As we browsed among her new looks, we singled out the ones that you can recreate with similar pieces of your wardrobe or even investing in new ones. In any case, these sets are an ideal proposal for any time of the day and we are sure that you will want to copy them immediately.

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