“Eyebrows are the new hair” one could say with a -small- dose of exaggeration if one wanted to describe the emphasis given in recent years to the eyebrows by the beauty industry. Brow bars, brow artists, and many specialized techniques such as microblading, microshading and Brow Lamination, make us realize that things are serious: All attention is now on our eyes.

And because the above statement, in addition to strong lashes, also means well-shaped eyebrows, you have to pay due attention. Stars like Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid may have the most iconic eyebrows we’ve seen in recent years, but you should not fall into the trap of copying. It all depends on your face shape and size, on which you will rely during the process of shaping and makeup of your eyebrows.

Below we have gathered some of the stars that can give you the necessary inspiration in this field.

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