Katie Holmes first showed a new boyfriend who is ten years younger than her.

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife actress Katie Holmes is wasting no time. 43-year-old celebrity has got a young lover. The other day, she first appeared in public in the company of hot African American Bobby Wootan III.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between the actress and the 33-year-old musician appeared a few months ago. However, now the gossip has been confirmed: they are really together, writes Super.ru.

Screenshot of “Bobby Wootan III” / Social networks

Holmes and Wootan came to the Moth Ball gala in downtown New York. The couple looked incredibly happy: they happily posed for the paparazzi and showed their feelings in every possible way. At some point, the ex-fiancee of the star of the movie “Mission Impossible”, beaming with a smile, passionately kissed the chosen one.

On the Web, fans noted that Holmes seemed to be ten years younger next to the young handsome man.

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