The nutritionist explained what could be fraught with losing weight using a similar technique.

Recently, blogger Stasia Morozova spoke about her own way of losing weight. Based on the daily calorie intake, girls, according to her method, achieve quick results without denying themselves food.

“The uniqueness of my technique is that, following this weight loss system, a person does not have to make any “exit” in order to maintain the result. And all because while working according to my method, the diet of a losing weight remains familiar to him, ”she boasted.

Dietitian Inna Ilyina spoke about this method of losing weight . She noted that most often this technique really works and it is far from new. There are two formulas, they are quite old – from the last century. One of them is Mifflin-San Geor, the other is Harisa Benedict. These are the formulas by which the main exchange is calculated.

“Based on a person’s height, weight and gender, plus physical activity ratio, you can roughly calculate how much energy they need to maintain or lose weight. In an ideal world, this certainly works if there are no endocrinological disorders that speed up or slow down the metabolism. Then you can focus on these formulas, ”the specialist explained.

But in terms of diet, the nutritionist expressed disapproval. She spoke about the principle of nutrition without division into “healthy” and “harmful” food. The doctor noted that in this way you can really lose weight, but you can also lose health along with it. Therefore, for weight loss, it is better to choose not chips and burgers, but foods rich in useful elements.

“If, for example, you get your 1,500 kcal per day from chocolate, then you will consume a lot of carbohydrates, but few vitamins and protein. Then there will be a lack of these elements in the body. You will see the consequences in the mirror in the form of bad skin, poor body quality, falling hair, acne on the face, ”the expert warned in an interview with PopCornNews.

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