Cheeky trick Megan Fox and her boyfriend Colson Baker in public stunned netizens. After the press became aware of the possible connection between the actress and the musician, they are closely watched by the paparazzi. Almost any social outlet of Fox and Baker does not do without a crowd of journalists who rush to poke camera lenses right in their faces.

The other day, Megan decided to clearly show that she is quite a tough nut to crack. As soon as she appeared in a public field, and the photographers came closer, Fox immediately stuck out her tongue, thereby hinting at what she thinks about the numerous rumors about herself.

Not far from Megan, her lover, Colson Baker, also left. Walking along the street with his daughter, the musician managed to shamelessly put his hand on the child’s shoulder when he saw that he was being filmed, and even bought the girl strong coffee.

Fox and Baker’s behavior was not appreciated online.

“For such a punishment it is necessary”, “A good couple, you won’t say anything”, “They tease you, shameless ones. They are just teasing, ”wrote the sofa critics.

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