Selena Gomez harshly responded on the Web to a subscriber who took her joke too seriously. On her TikTok profile, the star recorded a funny reaction to the doctor’s speech that uncontrolled drinking for women starts with 8 or more glasses a week.

Selena picturesquely rolled her eyes, jokingly letting her know that she was seriously exceeding the designated norm. However, not everyone appreciated her humor. So, one of the subscribers wrote angrily:
“A close friend of yours donated a kidney and you continue to drink non-stop.”

Selena reacted immediately, writing that “this is just a joke.” Most of the subscribers took the side of the pop star. We will remind, in September, Selena spoke about the fact that she is struggling with lupus and her friend Francia Rice donated her kidney to her.


## duet with @drdawnbantel it’s a joke

♬ original sound – Dr. Dawn Bantel, NMD

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