Since the release of the Xbox Series X / S in November 2020 there were new ones in the Xbox Game Cases stores . Now Microsoft has yet another new design presented that makes it even clearer which platforms the respective game is intended for.

New Xbox Series X / S Box Designs Make Artwork Shine

The first are slowly plunging games announced for E3 2021 at dealerships. So there are more pictures of the boxes It was noticed that the Xbox game cases are now available with a new design . the edit became public from the popular _XboxNews fan account on Twitter :

Before that, the top was denounced Xbox logo case and below it was shown with a black banner for which consoles the game version is. in the new design the large green bar has been removed and replaced by smaller boxes in the upper left corner.

Microsoft responds to the wishes of fans who felt that the Xbox game retail boxes with too much Info were inundated . Prior to the new design, there were additional stickers and prints to indicate that a game is optimized for Xbox Series X / S and offers HDR, 4K, etc.

With the new design finally take this Structures a little more space. But it is still noticeable that Xbox Series X only mentioned on the covers. However, you don’t have to worry. There is currently no game yet , which will only be released for the Xbox Series X, not for the Xbox Series S. Whether that will happen in the future will change at some point , is not known.

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