Star blonde Paris Hilton made millions of people believe in themselves.

Paris Hilton did not have time to enjoy a new marriage, as she was already going on a date with Tom Cruise. However, everything is not so simple – the celebrity trick turned out to be an elementary prank.

A video appeared in the profile of the famous blonde, in which she defiantly shows signs of attention to a man who looks like Tom Cruise. However, the more the followers looked into the face of the Hollywood handsome, the more they understood: the star of “Top Gun: Maverick” turned out to be “fake”.

As it turned out, the video was shot by comedian Miles Fisher – a recognized master of deepfakes – the technology of imposing the face of one person on another using a computer program.

But this did not prevent the video from becoming viral and causing a storm of discussion on the Web.

“I almost believed it”, “Why are you more like Tom Cruise than Tom Cruise is like yourself?”, “Tom Cruise is taller than Paris Hilton? I don’t believe it”, “What kind of nonsense? Isn’t that Tom Cruise?”, “Is that the real Paris Hilton?” subscribers ask.

Paris Hilton” / Social networks

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