Once upon a time, for a few weeks at least, murderous Naughty Bear on PlayStation 3 looked like the greatest game in the world. It was poorly rated and was quickly forgotten, of course, but it’s getting a new run in the limelight as a free Dead by Daylight charm. These work a lot like key chains that you can attach to the characters as a personalization, and why wouldn’t you want the plush toy affixed to your survivor (or, in fact, the killer hooks) for you. bring luck ?

The charm is part of the release’s fifth anniversary celebrations, and all you need to do is enter the code PART DE GÂTEAU in the title’s in-game store to unlock it. You will also get a birthday cake charm for your troubles. Behavior Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, previously operated as Artificial Mind & Movement, and has created games like Naughty Bear and the third-person shooter WET released by Bethesda.

It got us thinking about the possibility of Naughty Bear being added as the future killer of Dead by Daylight. Thematically, we’re assuming that a plush toy wouldn’t particularly suit the title’s otherwise semi-realistic aesthetic – but we think it might work. In fact, we would be shocked if the Canadian developer hadn’t at least prototyped the idea at some point.

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