Singer Shakira and soccer player Gerard Pique are getting a divorce.

According to media reports, the reason for the breakup was the betrayal of a man. About why the spouse turned out to be unfaithful, family psychologist Natalia Naumova told.

“In fact, the betrayal occurred due to the fact that Pique was afraid of loneliness. After all, any relationship cools down over time – the partners stop looking at each other with admiration. This is how the fear of being abandoned arises and the search for a spare person begins. Sometimes the level of anxiety is so great that you need to find a few spare people, ”she explained.

According to the expert, a subconscious distrust of women could have arisen in Gerard Pique in childhood. For example, if the mother was absent for a long time, the child concluded that women cannot be trusted.

“Since women are so unreliable, then you need to have another one,” Piqué could subconsciously reason. But when Gerard felt lonely in the family, he should not have had mistresses, but should have sought help from a psychotherapist, ” Natalya Naumova told News.

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