MEXICO CITY.- The world of gaming, like many other industries, has been predominantly dominated by men. However, with the passage of time the ground gained by the female gender becomes more and more visible.

According to a study conducted by Mediacom, for 2019 it was confirmed that 47.9% of all video game enthusiasts in Latin America were women. This shows that you have to forget about any stereotype about gamers since we all can be. The reality is that gaming is a very democratic phenomenon, it reaches all segments and genres with great force and this will become even more consolidated over the generations.

The impact of women in the world of gaming has been escalating. So much so that in recent years we see many more girls competing, playing, spectating and pursuing professional careers in this industry. There are more and more examples of these women who earn their place in the world of gaming and within the framework of Women’s Day, HyperX wants to take the opportunity to celebrate them.

Game developers realized that almost 50% of their consumers are women and that therefore they had to worry about understanding this genre, from what their needs, interests and passions are. To achieve this connection, it is essential to have diverse and inclusive teams that value the female perspective, something that many companies detected and incorporated as part of their business strategy.

On the other hand, we have eSports, a phenomenon that captivates many, and that has been growing exponentially. According to data from Newzoo for 2020, the audience of eSports viewers would grow to 495 million people. In this scenario, the possibilities are endless and are not limited to just being a professional gamer.

The gaming industry also has a corporate spectrum where we see more and more opportunities for women. The rise of female representation in the world of video games has led to the catapult of female executives into corporate leadership positions.

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