All stars (well, almost) use Photoshop to hide their flaws. But sometimes the desire to appear younger and slimmer can play a cruel joke. This is exactly what happened to the legendary Madonna.

The 63-year-old pop queen took to the streets of New York on Friday night to lead a choir singing Like A Prayer. On her Instagram, Madonna posted footage of her singing, standing on the steps of a church, surrounded by a crowd. The singer looks stunning. A face like a young woman, a slim figure, the very embodiment of health and beauty.

However, in the photo of the paparazzi, everything is completely different. The face has swam long ago, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, sagging cheeks, uneven teeth, but most importantly, the star looks much larger than in our own photographs. It is clearly visible that her belly hangs down, and her chest is trying to catch up with him. Moreover, the star does not think to hide it at all. All folds are perfectly visible in the photos published by the Daily Mail . On them, Madonna appeared in a low-cut black dress with a slit that fully reveals the leg, and a rocker cap.

Readers did not expect to see the idol in this form.

“Swelling from alcohol, fake hair and the need to stay relevant”, “She is very plump, her skin is rough. Madonna is insignificant without filters “,” She looks terrible and behaves ridiculously. She should be ashamed “,” Just two different people. Why this lie? ” – the users expressed their opinion.

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