“Fifty Shades of Gray” and the films of Adam Sandler: the worst films of the past decade have become known.

Many people remember the release of the sensational film “Fifty Shades of Gray” (directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson) – the film went to the film distribution just on Valentine’s Day, collecting a very decent box office.

However, the opinion of critics did not reflect the public resonance – the melodrama became the worst film of the decade according to The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Expectations did not come true precisely in the key, romantic component. As noted by the editors, the main complaint was the lack of “chemistry” between the main characters.

On a par with the love drama came the comedy drama “Valentine’s Day” (directed by Garry Marshall, 2010).

Film critics accuse the director of wasting the talent of good actors – Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx and many others.

It is noteworthy that Timur Bekmambetov’s picture “President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” was included in the list of the worst films.

Also the heroes of the “anti-tope” were “Cowboys Against Aliens” (dir. Jon Favreau, 2011), the trilogy “The Human Centipede” (dir. Tom Sixx, 2009-2015), “Movie 43” (2013), “So, War” ( directed by McG, 2012) and several films by Adam Sandler.

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