Jason Alexander, with whom Britney Spears was married for just over two days, broke into the house where her wedding took place, with a knife and a camera, trying to find the singer. After an incident that thankfully didn’t cause any casualties, the disgruntled star fired her personal security team to hire a new one.

Jason was charged with vandalism, trespassing and battery. The judge also confirmed the fact of persecution and banned the unfortunate hero-lover from approaching Britney Spears for three years.

In the world of show business, various extraordinary acts are not uncommon, but PR is far from always their cause. In an interview with PopCornNews, psychologist Vladislav Chubarov shared his opinion about what the ex-husband of the star had motives.

“When he was with her, he was significant, that is, there was close attention to him. Realizing that he would no longer be on the wave of such popularity, out of resentment, as well as because of a wounded ego and jealousy, he did so. On the one hand, he expressed his pain, and on the other hand, he received these 15 minutes of fame so that they would talk about him again, ”the expert believes.

The psychologist noted that in everyday life, domestic crimes and provocations motivated by jealousy also happen often. Such human emotions, according to Chubarov, are not alien to anyone, regardless of status. However, in the life of ordinary people there are not so many cameras:

“If her ex-husband is sane, he also understood what close attention would be to the situation and how it would be replicated later. It is possible that this was a planned action, because a person of sound mind and solid memory perfectly understands what Britney Spears’ wedding is and how the whole world will look at it. This aspect is rare among ordinary people.”

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