Actress Amber Heard gave the first interview after the scandalous trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Hurd explained why the jury returned a verdict in favor of Depp. She believes that the artist could hire paid employees to testify, and also conquered everyone in court with his reputation and acting.

Journalist Anton Bekkuzhev told the PopCornNews portal how realistic Hurd’s version of paid testimony is and how long the echo of the trial will not subside.

The expert is sure that now this whole story is more beneficial to Hurd herself, and Depp has lost a lot of things over the past few years. Victory in court was a matter of honor for him, the journalist believes.

“And Amber Heard became a superstar during her marriage and divorce from the actor. Of course, she had some roles before, but she was not as popular as Johnny. Now the whole planet is discussing the name Heard, for her this is a great PR story, ”Bekkuzhev believes.

The actress will do everything possible to justify herself, make herself a victim and whitewash her name. She will try to drag this story out as long as possible, but here Depp himself can go into the shadows in order to prevent his ex-wife from promoting herself in her own name, the journalist believes.

“As for the audience, people have always loved to watch the public scandals of the stars, so I’m sure that interest in this couple will not fade for a long time,” said Anton Bekkuzhev .

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