Netflix, following the example of Hulu, is preparing to release a documentary about Britney Spears with the intriguing title Britney vs. Spears (translated as “Britney vs. Spears”). It will talk about the star’s confrontation with her own family and her struggle for freedom from the custody of her father.

A teaser has already been released, which even includes part of the audio file Britney sent to her lawyers during the trial. The pop star herself does not comment on the upcoming premiere in any way.

Well-known director , producer and clip maker Alexey Golubev shared his opinion with the PopCornNews portal regarding the benefits of Britney Spears from the release of the film.

“Britney Spears is a legend anyway. Even the show in Vegas, which gathered full houses, speaks of this. A very large number of people grew up on her songs and on her love stories and scandals. Therefore, she is a person who, of course, will make money on this hype, ”said the director.

When asked whether the amount of the fee could be in the tens of millions of dollars, Aleksey Konstantinovich answered in the affirmative and added that a star of such a level as Britney Spears could ask for any amount.

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