Will Eleonora Meleti be the presenter of Big Brother? Haris Varthakouris answers!

With disarming honesty, Haris Varthakouris spoke to his camera “Happy” and initially answered whether he is watching Survivor, but also whether he will present Big Brother again.

“I do not see Survivor, do I have reason to lie? Am I obliged to see it?” he stated characteristically, while in a possible proposal for whether he would sing at the Union party, he admitted that he would very much like to be there and in fact he had proposed himself in the production of reality.

Speaking about his professional plans and proposals, Haris Varthakouris commented that in case The Masked Singer is finally shown on SKAI, he would like to be on the jury, while listening to the rumors that want Eleonora Meleti to undertake the presentation of Big Brother, He said: “I would discuss introducing Big Brother again. I have not heard anything about Eleonora, I think she can take over and get everything done.”

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