Captain Marvel was one of the last films to be part of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , and while it managed to meet fans’ expectations, many didn’t really feel like Brie Larson was the one. who played the character . In recent weeks, various media have reported that the actress will no longer continue in the MCU and the franchise has already considered a replacement . How would he be?

The first comments on this topic arose when it was confirmed that the sequel to the superheroine will not be called Captain Marvel 2 , as it was thought from the first moment, other than that her new title is The Marvels , according to the report. new special video from the franchise. There they also announced will be joined by Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel for the film which will arrive November 2022 .

A new rumor, from the giant Robot Freakin site , notes that Marvel was never really one hundred percent satisfied with Brie , so they decided to change his sequel: “The powers that are [in Marvel] they don’t think are. ‘she alone was enough in the first film. They decided to reconfigure the sequel with Brie Larson into a team movie in order to attract audiences and fans. ”  .

This goes along with the words of insider Daniel Richtman , who in February 2020 announced that Sam Wilson would be the new Captain America , just as it ended up happening in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , and stated that the next Captain Marvel will be Monica Rambeau , played by Teyonah Parris. The new versions ensure that this is how the puzzle of wonder , occupying the place that the interpreter of Carol Danvers will leave.

The truth so far is that this will continue to be a rumor until the important voices of Marvel Studios refer. In social media, they’re already starting to question these versions are just happening because Brie Larson has feminist positions and since joining the MCU , a certain toxic fanatic has positioned her at the center of the storm to discredit her .

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