Before Apple glasses , Apple is likely to announce an augmented reality headset in the coming months. The device is not expected to appear until next year. Apparently, a presentation with developers, partners and journalists is planned on site.

Apple wants to get back to normal quickly. Mark Gurman writes on Bloomberg that the company would like to assemble its core engineering team at the Cupertino headquarters as soon as possible. By June, more of this workforce is expected to return to work on site after vaccination. In the coming months, Apple would also like to showcase an augmented reality or mixed reality headset at a live event on site, according to Gurman.

Release not before 2022

Developers, partners and journalists must be personally present at this event and be able to try on the headset. As Apple Insider writes, according to current leaks and rumors, a market launch is not expected until 2022. The early announcement aims to give developers time to familiarize themselves with the headset. It was similar even before the switch to internal ARM chips such as the Apple M1.

Probably very high price

The helmet is apparently aimed at a very small target group and is expected to cost $ 3,000. The augmented reality feature is expected to project an artificial world onto the real world, which is captured with cameras on the headset. In addition, the device must also function as virtual reality glasses and allow the user to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world. We’re talking 8K screens and advanced eye-tracking technology .

Apple Glass will follow in 2025

Headphones aimed at a larger target group are then expected to follow in 2025, as Apple Insider writes. These are the Apple Glass augmented reality glasses. Perhaps the € 3,000 headset will also be used to prepare Apple Glass so that the apps are ready for the new platform. The next few months will show if Apple will hold the presentation – and in what form.

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