Singer Jennifer Lopez, who celebrated her 52nd birthday, is preparing to become a mother again. A close friend of the star told HearWorld reporters about this .

Until recently, Lopez raised two children from Mark Anthony. Lopez repeatedly stressed that she would like to become a mother again, but the case still did not turn up.

Now that Lopez is happy again, the singer is thinking about having another baby. Jen’s friend said that Lopez understands perfectly well that because of her age she may not work out, however, Lopez intends to take risks because she wants to please Affleck.

“Now Jay Lo is considering the option of surrogacy. Ideally, the baby should be born in the spring or next summer, ”the press quoted a source as saying.

Later, a friend added:

“Lopez is well aware that this is a great opportunity for her and Ben to form a beautiful family. She hopes that the children will be proud of her, and Affleck considers it a great idea, ”she said.

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