The series “Gossip Girl” was launched in July on the HBO Max platform . In the first episode, the writers decided to refer to the origins, mentioning the characters of the original tape.

The main events were outlined in the first 50 minutes: a meeting and a quarrel between two sisters Zoe (Whitney Peak) and Julien (Jordan Alexander) and suspicions of Audrey (Emily Elin Lind) and Aki (Evan Mokk) betraying each other.

There are many events in the pilot episode, but the further, the more protracted the development of both the characters and the interaction between them.

The main difference from the original is that the screenwriters no longer force the viewer to guess who is the “gossip”. The cards are revealed immediately.

Now the lives of underage residents of Manhattan are closely watched not by their peers, but by teachers. The main instigator is Constance English literature teacher Keith Keller (Tavi Gevinson).

But the main characters do not differ in originality: they almost identically repeat the biographies, behavior and even individual scenes of their predecessors.

New York and the events taking place in it are another important element of Gossip Girl.

The creators of the series decided not to use the urban space and its magic, which also upset the fans of the original a lot. The new “Gossip Girl” focuses mainly on the interiors of the main characters’ apartments.

Critics of “Kanobu” advise not to waste time on the sequel, arguing that it is better to get into the atmosphere of America through “Gossip Girl” in 2010, and the new life of American youth can be seen in “Euphoria.”

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