There is so much to do in GTA Online these days that you could comfortably play it for the rest of your life and not unlock all it has to offer. That doesn’t stop some industrious gamers from attaching rubber bands to their DualShock 4 analog sticks in order to grind Tuner RP in the new LS Car Meet .

Here’s the problem: Los Santos Tuners update adds a brand new progress bar with 1000 levels. There are some really cool cosmetics behind these ranks, including new clothes and car modifications. However, the only way to earn it is to compete in the new Street Race series, try out vehicles in the parking lot, and, well, ride around a lot in the LS Car Meet.

Since 15 minutes of inactivity will get you booted from a GTA Online lobby, devious gamers have figured out that if they tape their controllers they can keep grinding Tuner RP even when away from their console. The result, of course, is quite bizarre – especially when you find yourself in a hall full of people walking in circles.

Rockstar had to predict that gamers would resort to these tactics when designing the new social space, and while the environmental concern is legitimate, the publisher will likely see this as a victory as its player retention measures increase. If you want to point fingers and laugh at people walking in circles, you can find out How to Find the LS Car Meet and Become a Member in our GTA Online Guide .

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