Recently, American director Quentin Tarantino said that he plans to retire and rest. However, in his last interview with Variety, he said something completely different. The director announced that he wants to make a comedy. It could very well be Kill Bill 3’s spaghetti western.

“Why not? But first, I want to make a comedy. I can’t wait to make this film because it will definitely be fun, everyone will speak different languages ​​in it, ”Tarantino said.

There is already a candidate for one of the main roles – the daughter of Uma Thurman, Maya Hawke, is to play the daughter of the bride.

However, even the director himself does not yet know whether this will really be a continuation of the action movie or something completely different. Perhaps it will be a spaghetti western in which all the characters speak different languages. And it is not a fact that this tenth film by Tarantino will become his swan song. The maestro still has many ideas.

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