Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing. They reach higher and more spectacular heights. The last record was March 13, 2021 at $ 61,683, or € 50,361! Why is Bitcoin expensive? Who is responsible ? How can you buy Bitcoin? I will answer all of these questions in the article below!

Surely you have heard of cryptocurrencies before. The first time was probably in 2017. Huge and rapid increases were unprecedented in the financial world. But the world of cryptocurrencies was not yet mature, the company saw in Bitcoin only the possibility of a quick profit.

The year before, cryptocurrencies were reborn. Several factors have contributed to this.
First, digital currency is constantly evolving. There are more and more new projects, and technologies like blockchain, which we can now consider as “old”, are finding more and more recent applications.

The slow return of cryptocurrencies to society has accelerated rapidly. The black swan! The coronavirus has changed a lot. One of the most visible changes has taken place in the financial sector. Totally unprepared governments fell into chaos, causing both high inflation and maximum interest rate cuts.

The savings of citizens, accumulated throughout their lives, were in great danger.

Man is intelligent by nature – he seeks alternatives. Many of these people resorted to the safest alternative they can remember: gold, which for many is a relic. After all, you can’t pay with it!

Therefore, in the face of the unstable situation of traditional currencies and “storehouses of value”, the company remembered one of the most modern financial inventions. Groups of people have turned to legal cryptocurrency exchange bureaus.

Cryptocurrency buyers – people, investors, and large institutions are acting much more cautiously than in 2017. It is getting harder and harder to talk about current increases like the 2017 bubble. Comparing Bitcoin to Tulipomania from the 17th century is also fading. The sharp drops seen from 2018 should no longer occur.

Environmental prudence is not the only reason for this stabilization. This fact is also responsible for huge institutions that see great potential in cryptocurrencies – resulting from their independence from national financial systems. It was independence and decentralization that made Elon Musk so interested.

However, 2020 was not entirely marked by slow growth. At the end of the year, something unusual started to happen. Bitcoin has been climbing higher and higher, breaking new price records. Users fell into FOMO (fear of missing out), trying to take possession of cryptocurrencies as early as possible, they couldn’t afford to miss out on one of the last opportunities to buy cryptocurrency. at low price.

What caused the price and mood of people to change so quickly?

Powerful institutions enter the market.

The huge growths started with PayPal. In November, for the first time, we read that the company is buying 70% of the newly mined Bitcoins. Everyone accepted this fact very positively – investors saw it as stabilizing and were increasingly willing to trade their money for cryptocurrencies.

The situation was very evolving. February 2021 is another month where two other giants came into possession of Bitcoin, at the same time announcing the continued high level of cryptocurrency prices.

Earlier this month, Tesla bought BTC for $ 1.5 billion, while announcing the possibility of buying cars at its factory for cryptocurrencies. Soon after, MicroStrategy also decided to join the owner group, buying Bitcoin for $ 1 billion.

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity.

By checking Google Trends, we can find that the phrase “Bitcoin” is searched even more often than in 2017, but unlike that time, this is not a temporary Bitcoin-craze.

There was also a lot of interest that Tesla already accepts payments in Bitcoin, which Elon Musk announced on Twitter on March 24.

Evaluate for yourself whether it is worth acquiring cryptocurrency.

If you find this to be a good alternative for national currencies and decide to exchange your funds, choose the right one.

The internet is full of sites offering to buy cryptocurrency, but which one to choose?

First, verify that the platform is legal. Many foreign exchange bureaus try to distinguish themselves from the often unfair competition, which is why some of them have applied for licenses from government agencies.

Do you want to buy cryptocurrencies securely and legally? Make sure to check out BitClude !

Bitclude has been operating since 2019. In this year it obtained a national license from the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. It can be proud to be one of the first platforms in this region of Europe!
Bitclude currency exchange is not just about security. It’s also modern technology that allows you to register in less than a minute and verify the user’s identity in less than 2 minutes.

A simple interface of the platform allows everyone to find each other.

Customer support is also at the highest level. The user in Bitclude is the most important, so the department is very responsive and professional, you can ask for help every step of the way on your Bitclude journey.

Payment to start your cryptocurrency adventure can be done in a very easy and user-friendly way – using charge cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Your keen eye will likely notice that the platform continues to develop. In addition to Bitcoin and Litecoin, the expected by Internet users Ethereum and Ripple will also be available soon.

The introduction of new cryptocurrencies are not the only changes taking place.

The founders of Bitclude are aware that the mobile app is a real need in 2021, which is why they are working intensively on new solutions that will provide customers with a number of benefits – not just in the browser window.

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