Probably in this country we have solved all our problems and we are left with the guilty Ioanna Touni for everything. Not that she is always politically correct, but why do we ask a reality star not to say her opinion clearly and sharply since with a flag this very point of view became famous?

If you look back to the not so recent past, Ioanna Touni -or Tunara as I love to call her- became famous through My Style Rocks for her personal attitude. I wish there was a word in Greek that reflects what the British call attitude, let’s say that “attitude of life” and “temperament” could describe it. Shortly before the end of the reality show that made her famous, she had said the unfortunate phrase “Next to the swab you fit perfectly” to Sofia Leontitsi and there her social media bowed and used her as their Goddess. At the same time, the male audience did .. double tulips in each of her appearances, in each of her posts, in each of her attacks or photos that seemed more than this admittedly divine body of hers.

The years passed, Ioanna Touni showed that she is too tough to die as a personality of domestic showbiz and the definition of what is internationally called celebrity was made. Celebrities are not really famous people, they are not Despina Vandi. According to wikipedia, celebrities are called “the person who becomes famous because of his frequent appearances in the media. The reasons for celebrity can be many such as wealth, beauty, fame, a special or rare gift, and usually are not related to the individual’s actual contribution to society “. On this basis, Ioanna Touni remains not only a celebrity but also at the top of the current list.

However, she is a provocative personality , since what she does in her daily life does not follow a tactic of “good behavior.” And why should she follow her? all because of her character.Everything because of her character.He can easily make a lot of vacations, advertise the best destinations, expensive clothes, create trends because many girls or women want to look like her.Not just makes a living, she is paid by Not because she is famous, that alone does not say anything nowadays Touni is not just a celebrity, she is influential in her audience.And he does not steal all this from anyone. Even a recent leaked post with her Instagram price list proved that she works legally with VAT and all the good things of the state. In short, she is a professional who sells berries and makes a living from it. If this bothers you, deal with the society in which we live.

Of course, her audience is large, massive and many times she will not sit down to write something about his idol on social media. It simply accepts the messages sent to it by the transmitter passively. When a society embraces with such acceptance a person, for whatever reason, gives it space and speech. From time to time, Ioanna Touni bothers with her behavior. Not her audience, the others, the ones opposite, the right ones, the … normal ones. Tell them as you wish. It’s definitely them and the others. On this basis, Ioanna does what she likes and (believes that) she has nothing to say to anyone. Now that I think about it, he may not have it. Who do you know? However, everything she does she does for herself. He does not do injustice, he does not curse, he does not create controversy, he only sells. On her own.

Scandals follow her from time to time. First something small, then the rumors about her personal life, after the sextape that leaked against her will, after the tearful videos on YouTube, the #JeSuisTouni movements by women who wanted to defend her, her many photographed loves, the paparazzi photos of the muskrats because the public wants to see her, the many applause divorces, the rumors about pregnancies every now and then and of course the grand love with Dimitris Alexandrou. And at the same time let the opponents say and say and say again.

What is left; Her behavior. She is not the same evil, but as we said she is a provocative personality. Love to hate, as we like to say. Lately she is doing something fanatic that in her own worldview is justified. He did not find anything to eat in Paxos at noon, he went out and said it. They did not give her a gift of two kilos overweight on the empty plane, she went out and said it. When something irritates her, she takes her gun. And what is this? But of course its effectiveness. Not to the public, but to her audience. It’s not her fault that we learned her like that, this is how her life is structured.

I conclude that in the end we should not be bothered by her behavior but by her impact . As an audience, as recipients of messages, we proved that we were waiting (I put myself in) a girl from Thessaloniki, with a clear qualification to provoke and addict her fans, to make her a superstar in … Monopoly of domestic showbiz . It’s our fault that she became so popular, we support her, we like her photographers, we also tolerate her fans.

And can I tell you something? In front of everything else that bothers us, Ioanna Touni bothers me less than everyone and everyone. Let’s find them first with ourselves and then let’s put them with a celebrity who has found them with her image and is dancing on the baking sheet. At the end of the day, we talk about Jtouni again. And here the saying applies that any kind of advertisement remains an advertisement, as long as they say your name correctly. In this case it is not difficult.

Υ.Γ. If you have any questions about who Touni is and why we are dealing with her, let me tell you that she is one of the people who entered the top trends of the Greek Google in recent years while at the same time holding the record of most read article on Yupiii for a about a whole year. And we are not talking about something variegated, I am talking about the holidays with her then partner. For better or worse, the numbers speak for themselves.

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