Gloria Estefan (63) goes for Big Bird, Pino’s yellow brother. The singer once made her appearance in the children’s program and was then linked to the big, yellow bird for a skit. “I just wanted to hug him and protect him,” says Gloria in the ABC video. “I just love his outlook on life and how he sees things so positively. He is very optimistic.

For Whoopi Goldberg (65) there is ‘no one better than Elmo’. “When you think about how to tell children something, Elmo is the first person you want to have a conversation with,” says the actress. “Because Elmo is everything.”

Talk show host John Oliver’s (44) favorite Sesame Street character is Cookie Monster, although he also has a soft spot for Oscar, the green monster who lives in a trash can. “It’s great to have one of those jerks living in a trash can and telling everyone how terrible they are,” he says with a laugh. “Oscar is a really funny bastard.”

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