65-year-old People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, despite her age, knows a lot about modern youth music. The scandal between her and 19-year-old TikTok star Valentina “Karna.val” Karnaukhova has not yet been forgotten on the Web.

Diva met Karna.val on the Maxim Galkin show, then a conflict broke out between them due to the fact that Karnaukhova did not have a musical education.

According to Dolina, in such a status, a girl has no moral right to perform songs in front of listeners, and the fact that her video for the song “Psychushka” gained some 28 million views does not mean anything.

Larisa named a certain rapper Andrey “Davinchi” Lobzhanidze as an example of “correct” modern music. Fans then wondered who he was.

A few months later, in order to support her little-known friend, Dolina decided to star in his new video. For this, the diva even put on a skirt above the knee and platform boots.

“You look very good, but you can be scared like this. The photo did not come out very well “,” Just a bomb, no words – only emotions “,” Who is this Andrey Davinchi of yours at all? ” – fans note in the comments.

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