Red Sky is all the rage on the Netflix screen through a provocative series that also includes a great cast. The program Alex Pina It is between the four views in the world and its success serves to catapult the careers of its actors. Among them is Miguel Angel Silvestre , who gave something to talk about with his interpretation of Moses . Learn a lot more about this Spanish artist who knew how to be romantically linked to his partner Lali Espósito!

Contains spoilers

The character has elicited all kinds of reactions in Sky Rojo. He is a nightclub employee who is Romeo’s right-hand man and whose job it is to kidnap women to take them to the brothel. . Although he is portrayed as a murderer and misogynist, he also has his sweet side: He is paternalistic with his brother Christian, he loves animals and has feelings for Coral . At the end of the first season, it is discovered that he killed his father for defending his mother and it was his boss who helped him escape from prison.

Silvestre made a very different interpretation of his most famous work to date: Velours from 2014 to 2016 . There he personified Alberto Marquez Navarro , a man who was raised to be the stronghold of the Marquez family and characterized by good manners. The series was the first international success of this actor who already had a long career.

Born in Spain on April 6, 1982 (38 years old), I was destined to be a tennis player Inspired by his athletic father, but a shoulder injury ruined his career. Her life has gone from modeling to acting. He studied game actor, body language, dance and acrobatics. Its debut took place in 2002 , with the play True West.

From its inception, it turned to the cinema to participate in films such as Aux coups, Zhao and the end . Until 2008, he had the opportunity that made him famous locally: he starred in The Duke in the series Without Breasts There Is No Heaven . This success opened the doors to important productions.

Since 2015 he was in Sense8 (Lito Rodríguez), Narcos (Franklin Jurado) and recently signed with The Money Heist working on the fifth season. Although the character he will have is still unknown, photos have been leaked showing him as Tokyo’s boyfriend in what appears to be a flashback.

Who is Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s girlfriend?

Silvestre had several famous girlfriends like Belén López, Blanca Suárez, Albania Sofía Sagarra, Patricia Guirado and Claudia Ruíz. However, he is currently single and that is why last year there were rumors of an alleged romance with Lali Esposito. It all happened at the end of September when the actors shared a live Instagram and the Spaniard said Argentina “drives him crazy.” “ The actress has denied there was anything between them and thus expressed in statements to Infobae: ” I did not eat, ma’am, I have not eaten. Michael always says very precious things, it’s a love ” .

Learn more about Miguel Ángel Silvestre

In an interview with El País in 2008, he revealed that it’s hyperactive and impatient . He also indicated that in his spare time he enjoys “cooking, exercising and fucking” . He is very active on social media and has 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

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