In the panorama of TIC Tac now, there are many well-known Italian personalities among those who frequent the platform, and one of them is certainly Martina Socrates . The young tiktoker is 22 years old and comes from the province of Varese ; on TikTok , she is known by name and surname under the profile @martinasocrate and is followed by over a million followers who appreciate her for her funny videos and for the irony with which she knows how to tell about her daily life and the world around him.

Martina is one of the tiktokers who first and most deeply grasped the comedic potential behind the world of lip-syncing in the non-musical realm. Among its tiktok there is precisely this category of videos, in which plays audio clips from movies , TV series or TV shows. If speech almost always comes from audio recycled in this way, its expressiveness is unique and indeed represents one of its winning weapons. Martina combines this talent with other qualities: from an excellent ability to synchronize the movement of her lips with the speech from the clips to an unsurprising ability to choose clips and adapt them to her daily life.

The debut on TikTok took place in 2017, when the platform was still called and had not yet ended up under the control of the Chinese group Bytedance, but Martina has always been mainly dedicated to the world of lip-syncing. . Even her early videos now have tens or hundreds of thousands of views each, though the one she ended up reaching a million views with for the first time is a reinterpretation of the now famous exchange. between Gerry Scotti and Francesca Cirpiani on the Free Fall transmission.

The world of televised trash has always remained among the ideas of the young woman, who in the meantime has however cultivated other social channels in addition to TikTok. The most popular after the Chinese video sharing platform is definitely Instagram , where Martina has 122,000 followers and an ever-changing profile.

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