In the middle of the 2000s, spectators from Russia and the CIS countries watched with bated breath the touching love story of a gypsy girl and a Russian youth. How did the lives of the already middle-aged actors of the series “Carmelita” turn out?

After the role of the obstinate Carmelita, Julia woke up famous, she was called in many television projects, including “Fort Boyard” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Since 2010 to this day, Zimina has hosted the Good Morning show on Channel One.

In addition, together with Anna Telitsyna, Julia came up with a creative duet XS / XL. The actresses perform in the genre of improvisation at various events.

As for her personal life, Yulia Zimina got married for the first time only at 39 years old. Although she showed the chosen one on Instagram, she did not disclose either his occupation, or his age, or even his name. At the same time, the actress is growing up a 6-year-old daughter, Seraphim, about whose father nothing is known either.

Nadezhda Bakhtina

After the fatal Lucita, who was ready to do anything for the sake of love, Nadezhda was repeatedly offered to play gypsies in the cinema, but she refused, fearing to lock herself into one role. The actress tried on many roles, but the film “The Devil from Orly. Angel from Orly. ” On the set, she met her future husband.

Alexander Nikitin at that time was married, raised a son. In 2007, he left the family for Nadezhda, but five years later the marriage broke up. The actress has no children, she unexpectedly found her consolation after a painful divorce in church.

Since 2017, Bakhtina has been working at the “Living Water” Orthodox theater at the Novospassky Monastery, and in her free time she goes on a pilgrimage.

Nikolay Lekarev

When the shooting of “Carmelita” was completed, the performer of the role of Baro returned to the theater “Romen” and began to combine acting on stage with the leadership of the musical ensemble “Gypsy Song”. Lekarev is the head of a large family: he has three daughters, a son and four grandchildren.

But two years ago, the artist’s reputation was severely damaged. His accused of harassment housekeeper Natalia Vasilchenko. Lekarev himself stated that he was subjected to blackmail: in such a dubious way, Natalya extorted money from him.

Denis Matrosov

The actor, who played the son of businessman Anton Astakhov, was also involved in a harassment scandal, but turned out to be a victim. Matrosov responded with physical violence to a man who too brazenly showed him a sexual interest.

In films, Denis often played heroes-lovers, but his relationship in life was not as easy as on the screen. The actor had an affair with the honored artist Lyudmila Tatarova, who gave birth to twins, but, as Denis suspected, not from him. Sailors left Lyudmila with babies in her arms.

After that, Denis married Maria Kulikova and lived with her for 14 years. The seemingly ideal couple broke up, and the actor met Olga Golovina.

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