The act of the Duke of Sussex became a knife in the back for the studio.

In April, Harry and his wife finally deigned to visit their crowned grandmother. Many thought that he was “finding out” something, because the prince signed a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix.

But Harry was much easier than expected. While most suspected him of self-interest, he publicly announced the details of the meeting with Elizabeth II during an interview with NBC.

“Me and Meghan had tea with the Queen. It was great to meet her. It’s amazing to see her again. She is in great shape, and her sense of humor is always with her, ”he blurted out in the simplicity of his soul.

Insiders reported that the Netflix bosses were beside themselves after hearing this from Harry. A lot of time has passed since the conclusion of the contract, and the scandalous spouses have not offered a single project and have not shared a single exclusive material.

“They would like to hear such details in their documentary project. There was a real feeling of rage when these revelations were said for others, ”a source told The Sun.

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