For many young people today, video games represent an attractive field in which there are many professional opportunities. In order to transform their passion into a profession, several Gaming Schools have appeared in France to deliver quality training. Present mainly in the big cities of France, these schools bring in experts in the field to ensure an education as close as possible to the requirements of this rapidly developing universe. In order to have the best possible success in training and fully express your potential, it is important to choose the best gaming school for your profile. To help you, we present here the best gaming schools in France.

What is the point of having a Gaming School?

By following training at a Gaming School , young students can acquire the skills necessary for their professional project in the world of video games. This rapidly evolving sector now presents many opportunities and is attracting more and more young people. Depending on the desires of each student, they can specialize in different professions in the gaming world: eSport, journalism, digital creation, web development, management, communication… The opportunities in this sector are very varied and meet the desires of many young people.

Within these schools, the students will be supported by real professionals in the sector. These experts will be able to train them and give them all the good advice to succeed in this universe. Thanks to this quality support, students who are passionate about video games will be able to progress quickly and fully express their full potential. By opting for a gaming school, these students will thus discover the various professional opportunities offered by the gaming sector.

What are the best Gaming Schools in France?

In order to best train young people in new professions in the gaming sector, the gaming schools have developed quality educational programs that are best suited to the expectations of professionals in the sector. While the demand for this type of training is growing, the number of schools is still low. Among the various existing establishments in France, we have selected three of the most recognized.

Gaming Campus

Anxious to offer the most qualitative training possible to its students, this school has chosen to divide itself into three specialized campuses: Gaming Business (management), Gaming Tech (web development), Gaming Art (graphics and web creation). Based in Paris and Lyon, the campuses that make up the Gaming Campus provide its students with quality education to best prepare them for all professions in the world of video games. Thanks to this wide range of training, this school is one of the best establishments for students who wish to specialize and orient themselves towards a specific profession. As the key to this training, the Gaming Campus provides opportunities for more than 50 different professions.

Gaming Academy

For young people who want to realize their dream of becoming a professional eSports player, the Gaming Academy is one of the references. Based in Lyon, this school specializes in training young talents in the eSport scene. With a tailor-made program for each student, the training is very organized and intense in order to push these future eSports to surpass themselves. Given the difficulty of becoming a pro player, this training is particularly selective since it only welcomes 10 new students each year.

In addition to this intensive training, the Gaming Academy strives to support all video game enthusiasts by offering various online courses. Carried out by professional players, these lessons allow everyone to improve on their favorite game.

EGS School

In order to discover the many professional opportunities offered by the world of video games and take advantage of high-quality training, the EGS School in Bordeaux is undoubtedly the best Gaming School in France. With premises in Bordeaux to accommodate its students as well as a virtual campus to facilitate access to its training, this school provides its students with tailor-made training adapted to the pace of learning of each. Whether it is for training in high-level eSports or for training in other gaming professions, the EGS School is today the ideal place for all young video game enthusiasts.

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