It turns out that the wife of Ryan Reynolds is not just trying to impress everyone in public.

Blake Lively recently shone at the Met Gala ball, where she appeared in a chic transforming dress by Donatella Versace. The outfit was seriously called the best on the red carpet that evening. Now the celebrity showed another outfit that almost copies the silver dress of Kim Kardashian at a reception at the White House.

Blake Lively screenshot / Social media / Legion Media

However, stylist and image maker Olga Chugaeva believes that the point is not the intention to “steal” the idea. According to the expert, the real reason is the race of celebrities for the attention of the public.

“Glitter, sequins are the trend of the season. I don’t think she’s copying Kim’s dress. It’s just a very trendy trend. Since both have nothing else to attract attention to themselves (neither a masterpiece film, nor something else), then only one thing remains – who outdoes whom on the red carpet and in the social media feed, ”Chugaeva delivered her verdict.

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