WhatsApp’s story with its new privacy policy is not over. In a new Facebook setback , they announced that They will not limit functions or use to those who do not agree to the new terms . This, in theory, means that everything remains pretty much the same for those who don’t agree to WhatsApp sharing their data with Facebook.

We first learned about this new policy in January this year, when the company announced it would share data between its two departments. Something which, while not affecting users in the European Union , has had a big impact around the world.

After the outcry over Facebook, they announced that they would delay the entry into force of the new privacy policy. Finally, on May 15, the changes materialized and users began to receive messages to accept the changes.

All the while they threatened to close the accounts of those who did not accept the new rules . At least, that’s what the WhatsApp support page said. However, they returned to that point and indicated that they would simply gradually limit functionality for those who reject the new privacy policy.

No canceled account, no limited functions

Things got even more complicated. While the story itself has had several route changes and turns before, it has even more. In a statement to TNW, the company said, “… we want to clarify that at this time we do not intend to limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update. ” 

What will they do instead? Simply continue to display messages in the app to users so that they accept the new privacy policy. These messages will also appear when creating a new account or when using certain functions that require data sharing, such as communicating with companies present on Facebook.

In an update to the company’s FAQ page, WhatsApp clarified that no user will have their account deleted or lose their functionality if they do not accept the new policies . On its support page, WhatsApp also claims that most of the users who saw the update have accepted it.

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