Singer Andrei Danilko, better known by his stage name Verka Serduchka, did not grieve after receiving a 50-year ban on entry into Russia.

Danilko spoke about adding his name to the list of banned artists. At first, the singer was upset that he was the oldest in it. But later Andrei saw Dr. Komarovsky there, who was older than him.

Verka Serdyuchka has been speaking sharply about the situation in the world lately. But the artist still plans to walk along Red Square with a stick in 50 years. And so, the once popular musician has already traveled all over the country on tour and seen a lot in it.

“I visited you everywhere: I was in the mausoleum, in the Kremlin too, I performed in Luzhniki. What should I watch? — said Danilko in social networks.

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