Creating a neat beach look is always a big challenge for most women. We have already updated our collection with new swimsuits and cover-ups, which we have together on vacation and what remains is to create the most stylish combinations. Valuable help in this process is the stylistic inspiration offered by Greek celebrities, who have already started their holidays and are sharing photos of their beach looks on social media. So what are their style choices?

Athina Oikonomakou combined her bikini with an airy white shirt, while Katerina Kainourgiou adopted the trend of co-ords, which are ideal for both the beach and leisurely walks in the city. Tonia Sotiropoulou and Iliana Papageorgiou suggest adding a crocheted skirt to your collection, which will bring a 70s air to your outfits, while Sofia Karvela made the favorite choice of fashionistas, namely the long airy dress.

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If you love timeless style, a black dress like the one by Vicky Kaya is definitely a must have, alternatively a pareo like the one by Stamatina Tsimtsili is very summery and perfect for the beach. For those of you who always want to feel comfortable, Mary Synatsaki combined her one-piece swimsuit with denim shorts, creating a look that is suitable even for evening outings on the island.

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