The film “Top Gun: Maverick” with Tom Cruise became the subject of a lawsuit.

In 1983, journalist Yehud Enai wrote an article on Top Guns. The text of the article inspired filmmakers to create the film “Top Gun” in 1986.

Now the Enai family is demanding that Paramount buy the rights to film and distribute the film. In addition, the family is against the filming of the continuation of the film “Top Gun”. They also demand money for lost profits from the release of the second part of the tape. The family now lives in Israel.

Recall that in 2022, the film “Top Gun: Maverick” became one of the most successful at the box office, collecting almost 547 million dollars in the first ten days.

Paramount Studios is confident that they held the rights to the article that formed the basis of the first film until 2020. And the sequel “Top Gun” has nothing to do with the text of the journalist.

“These claims are baseless and we will vigorously defend ourselves,” Paramount’s official response quoted Reuters as saying.

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