We now have No Man’s Sky: Prisms available for download, the new free update for the Hello Games title.

Patch 3.5 for the Gigantic Space Epic is now ready for download. With the name of No Man’s Sky: Prisms, a host of changes and improvements await us for all platforms, although the next-gen PC and consoles are the ones that make the most of them.

As you can see, the Hello Games title is very different from what we had when it left almost five years ago. During this time, its developers have continued to work and are offering us several free updates, which have totally changed the face of the game .

And from today, we have a new patch that greatly improves its graphics. Among the changes added is SSR support for PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Series X / S and PC. This technology allows more realistic reflections on the surfaces of different materials.

And not only that, since a volumetric lighting system was also finally integrated, which together improves the lighting of the whole game.

Also, if you are one of those who play No Man’s Sky on a computer, know that you are now compatible with Nvidia’s DLSS. For those who do not know it, this technology allows to extend the resolution of the game without the images suffering.

Besides the aforementioned changes, we will find countless small tweaks such as fur for animals, new weather effects, more detailed environments, the update to photo mode or the inclusion of flying mounts, among others.

No Man’s Sky: Prisms is now available for download, being a completely free update. You already take the time to download it, guilty.

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