Will Smith himself avoids communicating with the press, so his entourage has to take the rap. Friend and colleague of the actor Kevin Hart shed light on what is happening after the ill-fated slap at the Oscars.

“Will feels guilty, you know. He’s better now than he was after the incident. We are human beings and as human beings we make mistakes sometimes,” Hart said.

He believes that in such a situation, the main thing is not to look back at the past, but to realize the present and find a way to move forward. Hart is hopeful that both Chris Rock and Smith, who slapped him, can overcome their differences and improve. He does not condemn any of them and even admitted that he treats the comedian with a rude joke well.

“You can’t judge a person by one case,” he said of The Rock in an interview with Entertainment Tonight . “At the end of the day, life goes on and people grow up, so give him a chance to do that.”

We are talking about the incident at the Oscar ceremony in March. Chris Rock joked unsuccessfully about Smith’s hair, suffering from alopecia, for which the actor slapped him on the stage. Jada Pinkett Smith herself also hopes that the men will reconcile.

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