The Japanese company is the latest to register for E3. We can take advantage of the Capcom event at E3 2021 with many new features.

Yes, guilty. The legendary creators of dream works like Devil May Cry 5 or the recent Resident Evil Village are also coming to E3. We will see Capcom at E3 2021 , even if it will be the last to broadcast its show with the news of its franchises, already joining an infinite number of publishers who will do the same in the coming days.

It is the same editor who confirmed it a few minutes ago through his American Twitter account . The event will take place on Monday, June 14 at 2:30 p.m. (for us at 11:30 p.m.) and will be broadcast on Twitch , YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in the respective specialist E3 accounts.

A brief presentation accompanies the announcement tweet stating that we will be able to see news on games such as The Great Attorney Chronicles, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Monster Hunter Rise or Resident Evil Village. We imagine that most of the announcements referring to these games will have to do with DLC and expansion passes, to see what they surprise us with.

On the other hand, the publisher should announce new attacks during the presentation. We dream of announcing the long-awaited remake of Dino Crisis, something from Onimusha and, why not, since dreaming is free, something about a new Viewtiful Joe.

You know, guilty. This Monday you have an unmissable meeting with Capcom and its event. From , we will keep you informed of everything that happens in this chatty E3. Don’t lose sight of us and you won’t go wanting!

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