The fourth expected expansion of the MMORPG gives us its first details and the date of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

The 2021 Fan Festival gave us some great moments. We’ve got all kinds of details, an extended trailer, and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s Date . The popular MMORPG will expand to a new level with lots and lots of content … but in a while. The expansion will wait until November 23, 2021 and will arrive with the male version of the Viera breed.

This has been officially confirmed by Square Enix to our great regret. This is an important expectation for the active titles community. The last major patch was version 5.5, released last April, so seven months without a major update.

It will be worth it for the Christmas period, when thousands of players will return to enjoy the conclusion of the story presented so far. You can watch the expansion’s nearly seven-minute CGI trailer below:

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will add a lot of content to enjoy over the two years that each expansion lasts. Two new jobs will be included, Sage (SGE) and Reaper (RPR), the latter featured at Fan Fest. It is a DPS armed with a scythe capable of summoning a spirit from beyond to damage any enemy that opposes it.

Additionally, the map will be expanded with a new base city, Old Sharlayan, and six new large areas. The ruins of the Imperial City of Garlemald, an underground maze beneath Sharlayan, and the moon itself will be just a few of these highlights. Add to this that there will be new tribes of beasts to welcome us like the loporrits, adorable rabbits that live on the moon.

At the end of the game and with the central plot already closed, we can continue to enjoy the side story titled Myths of the Kingdom . This alliance raid, missions composed of 24 players, will tell the story of the gods of Eorzea and delve into the mythological tradition of the universe of Final Fantasy XIV.

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