Actress Sarah Jessica Parker presented through social networks first official image of “Sex and The City And Just Like That …”, the long awaited sequel to one of the series most successful and acclaimed HBO network, which is preparing its arrival soon on the streaming service HBO Max.

This new miniseries will again star Sarah Jessica Parker as journalist Carrie Bradshaw. The actress featured via Instagram an image in which she poses next to her castmates Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) and Cintya Nixon (Miranda Hobbes). Fans of the series will surely regret the absence of Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) in these new episodes.

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When it premiered, “Sex and the City” was billed as one of the most innovative series on the HBO network, featuring multiple stories on topics that until then were not regularly discussed on television. like sexuality, secure relationships, promiscuity or femininity itself through professional women who seek to balance their intimate life with their field of work.

“Sex and the City” totaled six seasons broadcast between 1998 and 2004, in addition to two feature films released in 2008 and 2010. This new mini-series will have a total of ten episodes, forming a sort of epilogue for its protagonists.

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Earlier this year, Sarah Jessica Parker said she was pleased with the diversity on display in the new miniseries ‘writers’ room, noting that they will bring “a life experience, perspectives on world politics and social issues ”in the scripts for the series. , confirming that the covid-19 pandemic will be an important part of the plot.

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