Elizabeth Jacobs, a student at the American Film Academy, is making the documentary ‘The Stolen Children’. It shows that many children were taken from their living parents in the early 2000s and then put up for adoption. Those parents would often have been bought off with a hundred dollars.

Angelina Jolie visited Cambodia in 2001 for charity. When she saw Maddox in an orphanage, she immediately fell in love. “I can’t explain it and I’m not superstitious, but I knew it was meant for me,” she later said. The Hollywood star adopted her son through Lauryn Galindo, who is now accused of fraud and human trafficking. Elizabeth was also brought to America from Cambodia via Lauryn Galindo.

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Angelina Jolie and Maddox in 2005.
Angelina Jolie and Maddox in 2005. © AP

Galindo is said to have searched for children for adoption in an unethical manner. She and her companions targeted poor families living in the countryside. There they presented mothers with a devastating choice: if they sold their child, they would receive 100 dollars. A monstrous amount in that region. Many mothers would also be forced to sell children against their will, under pressure from their families. Just two years after Angelina adopted Maddox, Galindo ended up in prison when it was revealed that she had forged birth certificates.

Angelina Jolie said she was convinced Maddox was an orphan. She also says she knows nothing about those practices. But some insiders say she has a hard time accusing her son of the suffering of another mother, who may still be living in Cambodia. The filmmaker is already determined to find out the truth and will travel to Cambodia later this year in the hope of answers. They will bundle them in the documentary. 

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