Foreign media revealed the secret of Warner Bros., which took into account the bad reputation of Ezra Miller, but did not dare to cancel the release of the film “The Flash”. The actor who played the main role in the film was met halfway, risking the image of the studio.

The fact is that Miller, accused of burglary and suspected of rape and kidnapping, secretly starred in additional scenes of the movie The Flash. Foreign tabloids have come up with an interesting theory as to why the reshoots that took place earlier this summer were necessary.

“It is likely that the scenes were re-shot to shorten the movie runtime with Miller as the Flash. After all, Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly has no intention of continuing to partner with the actor after the release of his solo superhero movie,” ScreenRant said in a post. said in a post .

Desire Warner Bros. Still, it’s quite understandable to release the film. The studio has already spent $ 200 million on the production of the tape, and this is without advertising budget.

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