After that Marvel Cinematic Universe last year in theaters another mandatory break had to insert, he reported in January on Disney + in the form of WandaVision return. Since the series is now over, we would like to take a closer look at this spoiler-free point dealing with them and addressing their strengths and weaknesses.

After Endgame: WandaVision Shows More Of The New MCU

The story of the series continues for a while after the end of “Avengers: Endgame” and takes us to a sleepy little American town – in the 1950s! Wanda and her friend Vision appear to have taken a trip back in time, as at first they are seen in a classic sitcom dress leading a seemingly idyllic life together. However, this intact facade is increasingly cracked.

However, “WandaVision” not only shows us how things turned out for the couple following the victory over Thanos and his army, but also grants us a preview of the new MCU . Without wanting to reveal too much, the two play Monica Rambeau , the daughter of Captain Marvel’s best friend, as well as the Earth’s safety- conscious SWORD Organization playing a role. Typical for microcontrollers, the only in future projects become really important.

Wanda and Vision in their sitcom world (© Marvel Studios)

The series doesn’t focus on that, however, as it feels in the universe to be very independent . It also proves that Marvel Studios is pretty much formula movies that have appeared in recent years are still willing to creative risks get into. The main reason for this experience is the success of the creators’ dedication to bringing the longest TV eras to life with great attention to detail. From the camera settings and the looks to the well-rehearsed laughs, everything is right here and thus skillfully runs the viewer down a wrong trail .

WandaVision: A drama disguised as a sitcom

Although most of the nine episodes on well-known sitcoms over the past 70 years, including classics such as “In Love with a Witch” as well as more recent offshoots of the genre such as “Modern Family,” and sometimes work very much in this format, “WandaVision” is actually much more of a mysterious drama disguised as a comedy series.

This was a risky move on the part of those responsible, as there were certainly viewers after the first few episodes at times voiced strong criticism as the “Sitcom” series would not look like part of the MCU in many ways. While it might seem at first glance, it’s not a classic sitcom . Instead, the creators are using this genre for the real issue to convey the series: Exploring Wanda’s Grief .

Wanda has to deal with a lot of emotions in “WandaVision” / © Marvel Studios

After Wanda and Vision in the previous films were only minor characters and the creators were only able to respond to their character evolution to a limited extent, it looks different in the series. Here they have a lot more time , which is also used wonderfully in most of the episodes of “WandaVision” for probing the characters. We see how Wanda enters this seemingly perfect world fleeing to escape their grief. So, as the series continues, the sitcom’s cheerful humor is more and more common. dark and deeply tragic opposites that can affect you emotionally.

That all of this succeeds is due to a not insignificant measure the two main actors Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) and Paul Bettany (Vision). While rather conditionally challenged in terms of acting in the movies, both can showcase their entire repertoire here. They not only have excellent chemistry but also good comedic timing. Plus, they can also do dramatic moments to be conveyed credibly. It’s their show, where they can finally show off what they can really do. However, even they cannot hide all the weaknesses of the series.

WandaVision: The mystery part is both a blessing and a curse

In their first MCU series, Marvel Studios officials are trying many different facets to reconcile, which they do very well over much of the term. Comedy and drama above all expect a good balance and also the change of perspective between what goes on in the sitcom world and outside of it is staged in an interesting way. In addition, “WandaVision” first elements of mystery one, as it becomes clear that Wanda could after all not have full control Could have.

WandaVision Sitcoms
Although it often looks like this, “WandaVision” is not primarily a sitcom (© Marvel Studios)

“WandaVision” treats various mysteries , which of course are primarily there to keep the audience engaged . Based on the huge social media feedback as well as various theories as to what could really be going on, the manufacturers have definitely hit their mark . It’s just a lot of fun figuring out how all of these different pieces of the puzzle could eventually fit together. However, this is also the weakness case .

In the meantime, the manufacturers are holding onto this mysterious structure almost too tenaciously even if it was not at all necessary. Of course, there is a call to the show to get to the bottom of all of these things and the dedication with which he has dedicated himself to this cause is seldom in large mainstream productions to be seen. However, this is possible every now and then at the expense of pacing because some major reveals are just cliffhangers and not part of the actual story of the episode. For an even more moving story, here is a simpler narrative structure that is probably more effective.

WandaVision: finally a breath of fresh air in the MCU

Because also maintain many articles in a short period of time – episodes last between 30 and 50 minutes – if you have to deal with this, the components of “WandaVision” are inevitably overlooked. Various characters become barely developed in character , some of Wanda’s neighbors. But also exciting topics that have a lot of potential, like who the real villain of the MCU series is, then, can only be negotiated very superficially. Despite these shortcomings, however, the series is definitely worth a closer look.

WandaVision SWORD
You should give “WandaVision” a chance (© Marvel Studios)

After all those years of Marvel Studios staging its big blockbuster movie productions in an almost worded way, it’s been blowing for a long time now. finally a breath of fresh air thanks to the MCU . Compared to visually stunning action glasses such as “Avengers: Infinity War”, “WandaVision” handles long stretches without any action relying more on atmosphere, puzzles and emotions to captivate audiences. A delicate business that operates despite minor weaknesses and definitely makes you want to move on to Phase 4 of the MCU.

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