The little black dress is about to celebrate one hundred years of its life and journey in the fashion world soon. It was born in the distant 1926 in Paris by Gabrielle Chanel and until today it has emerged as one of the most useful items of the wardrobe, which has been loved by women. It remains unaffected by the various fashion trends, keeps up with the current fashion trends, is influenced and adapted to them, while at the same time it is always considered current. Recently, Vicky Kaya created a very feminine look starring a little black dress.

In particular, the presenter and model published on her personal account on Instagram, a video showing her wearing an outfit that highlights her shapely figure and sexiness. Vicky Kaya chose to wear a mini black sleeveless dress, which she paired with the perfect pair of shoes. The reason for a pair of black high-heeled sandals that immediately upgraded the final result.

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