Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who already broke off their engagement 20 years ago, still got married the other day. Writer Lena Miro believes that this marriage will not last long.

As noted by a secular columnist, the artist romanticized her chosen one. She believes that J. Lo’s expectations will soon be broken into a cruel reality, because over the years people change far from for the better, Miro emphasized.

“As they got married, so they divorce. And very soon. People to whom years have come, but wisdom has not, always idealize relationships completed a long time ago, ”the writer noted.

According to Lena Miro, celebrities will disperse in two and a half years. This will happen on the basis of minor conflicts between spouses, which in the future will lead to serious disagreements.

“But it’s not even about a foregone divorce. It is much worse that such relationships, in which one does not correspond to the fictional image of the other, are always painful. Any inconsistency will be annoying. Enrage. Drive into depression. Not so, dear Ben, you should scatter your socks. And you, sweet Jennifer, did not force me to lower the toilet seat before! Miro summed up in her blog .

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