She may have started her career in marketing and business, but she quickly gained a foothold in the fashion industry – a space full of art, imagination and color. The reason for the Greek fashion designer Vasia Kostara , who concerns the domestic fashion community with each of her new collections – and not unjustly.

A key feature of her personal style and designs are the prints and the liberating power they carry. She designs ethereal silhouettes with movement, which intensify the feminine character and embrace the female silhouette in a unique way. It draws inspiration from its transatlantic voyages, through the different cultures and what they contain: From history and customs to music, architecture and local cuisine. As she has mentioned in previous interviews, the creative starting point of her inspiration is travel. She loves to discover new places, to ‘mix’ with the diversity that people carry in a place, to try their tastes, to listen to their sounds, as when the senses are taken aback, creativity awakens.

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